Why You Need to Have Bull and Bird Eyes Simultaneously

When you are on your Journey to Self Improvement

Photo by Cole Winters on Unsplash

Always choose what feeds your growth, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else’s.

So How Can You Stay Strong on Your Journey?

1. Bull’s Eyes

2. Bird’s Eyes

The image that I have drawn for my future life, has helped me make the right decisions today, and has guided me to choose wisely that which nourishes my growth.

Let’s Simplify and Take Action



It is a very centering and grounding approach to life; to live everyday aware of how and why you are doing certain things and for what purpose.



Karma Works Beautifully when you are a cooperative element in the fabric of life

I write about what worked with me throughout my healing journey, some poetry and day-to-day humanness. Getting over the fear of sharing my writing. Be kind

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