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There’s a little girl that lives in my heart

Oh the stories she tells, the images she draws

She speaks a lot, of poetry and freedom

Of sleeping in the wild

She sometimes lets me in on the magic she holds in her hands

and oftentimes she pleads to be seen

It’s not time, I tell her

She won’t take my word for it

Sometimes I even tell her it’s too late

She used to sing, never in tune

Oh how I long to hear her sing

a pandemic ‘humor me’ poem

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Do you want to do this with me?

As cliché as it might be

close your eyes now

can you see?

We are dancing the night away

no space between us, bumping into strangers and not apologizing

Hugging and kissing after a weekend away

not sanitizing

Shops are open outside and in

Sharing tables at crowded dine-ins

There is no risk in traveling

What is social distancing anyway?

I haven’t heard of this oxymoron before today

A face mask is a scrub I use once a week

To make my skin glow

What pandemic? Oh…


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You are not a physical being in this lame day

No need to drive yourself anywhere today

You don’t pay bills and buy groceries

You don’t catch up with time

or tell lies

Fear, just a glorious phantom

Politics, another cheap fiction

Telepathy, our way of communication

Fewer spoken words, less hypocrisy

No need to RSVP

Like fiction;

grow older and younger with a flip of a page

No timeline

No deadlines

And grasp it all

what is yours and what is mine

and some borrowed thoughts, not ours

to ponder, to drink

No boredom, no shame

No phones to answer

Nothing lame about it

nothing lame


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he kept fear in his pockets
his currency in every exchange

The kind of fear that crawls up his toes
when a line of poetry touches them

Here’s an image

of a white-haired man

half a smile on his face

half a past

He wears his pants so tight

so high

so secure

He wears his smile



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the fragments of your breath

those you held

under the depths of water

those you scattered

around a field of sun

the one you granted

with a kiss

and those you gasped

in a moment of loss

bring them back

to your BEAST

fill your lungs

with ocean and sun

everything gone

pain and bliss

all of it

or none

And how to use the same reasons to salvage your courage

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

Growing up, courage was a natural trait; I never had to think about mustering up enough courage to do certain things. I was always seeking the extraordinary; always on the look out for the next adventure.

I would often hear people say: “how brave of you to leave your job” or “are you crazy, solo skydiving on your first jump?

Back in the day, when I would hear such wondrous statements, I remember thinking: “why are people so astounded by what I seek out to do?” …

and why this very habit can change your life

Photo by Natalie Grainger on Unsplash

Even on our best days when everything is going right, we may often hear a voice in our head that usually starts with two heavy words: “If Only”.

What comes after these two words is typically the grass that is greener on the other side.

“If only I can be a freelancer and own my time”, “If only I have more money”, “If only I live closer to the sea”…etc. No matter what it is, the point being, in your head IT is better than what IS.

This naturally causes us to feel a little resistance to where we are…

You Lead and Flow Follows

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

How many times have you prayed for flow to bestow its blessings upon you as you watched the cursor flickering on your screen, begging you to type anything so it can move a little?

Or stared into a white canvas holding your brush and hoping flow would make an appearance anytime soon?

The idea of flow is beautiful, but the state of flow is transcendental. It feels like an out of body experience, like having connected with the source of all inspiration. …

Do you have to give up your standards of living to be one?

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

The stereotypical image of minimalism is living in a trailer home and owning only that which you need on a daily basis.

Maybe when we hear the word “minimalist”, we feel fear crawling up our toes thinking it entails giving up everything we love and value, so we hold on to everything and decide that minimalism is not for us.

On the other hand, we might find ourselves engaging in acts of seasonal decluttering that leave us feeling so refreshed after throwing away everything that doesn’t serve us anymore, so we do it every now and then to free up…

The 10 Things You Can Choose from to Get Back on Track

Photo by Peter Conlan on Unsplash

Two years ago, I learned how to get into this beautiful place in my mind and body where everything feels expanded and light and in alignment with my true nature.

This is a place that Esther Hicks calls “The Vortex”.

Imagine an energy bubble that is floating right above your head. Whenever you dream of something or ask for something to be in your future, you put it in this bubble of energy. …

Hiba Aloul

I write about what worked with me throughout my healing journey, some poetry and day-to-day humanness. Getting over the fear of sharing my writing. Be kind

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